If at all

The artistic show from Israel's famous dance company called Kibbutz opened at a simple note that they have been performing world over and pleased to be in India and then the piece started from a dance with "no music" than moving to music flowing for almost one hour non-stop and what an amazing show it was! The artistic director Rami Be'er showcased all he has to say in those movements and choreography, the presentation, music, the setup et all were all so carefully planned and planted that at the end they just bowed and moved out. That itself shows a show can be a success and entertaining without much noise and talks.

The dancers had highly toned bodies and were completely zoned in to the choreography, till the very last point they exited the stage. The difficult part of performing internationally is language and cultural barriers and they understood well that dance is the only medium, which can transcend those boundaries. Also was significant that in the act there was enormous team jelling. They were superbly coordinated with each other for each moment/step and even single of the beats were synchronized, they performed without looking at others, at specific intervals only by sensing the partners and music whilst dancing in big numbers this maybe extremely difficult to co-ordinate as much.
The theme was interesting as they played to showcase the narration that each individual plays multiple roles and gets involved in a chain of events of diverse and ever changing interpersonal relationships..a good watch ever again !


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